ascii cinema

  • really cool method of screen recording terminal thats super lightweight on your computer. great for tutorials and looks gorgeous!

    there's also this silly recording of an ascii donut

OSINT framework

  • a perfect collection of OSINT tools and links all in one place. super useful for pretty much any form of investigation or digital stalking lolol

music map

  • my CD loving ass cannot get enough of this site: amazing music finder and the simplest UI possible

JWST image slideshow

  • how the james webb space telescope isn't on the front page of every newspaper every day boggles me. this site is precious and a great source of future mac default backgrounds.

    because they're both in the same category, here's also the "what did the hubble space telescope see on your birthday?" site from NASA

vimm's lair

  • the #1 to go for legacy console emulation; this site deserves so much love for preserving even the most niche of shovelware

veteran squid

  • a very battle-scarred sagami bay squid spotted which are rarely seen above 2000m (over 6000ft) depth

weird half life ports

  • peculiar half life ports that are sadly forgotten; i need to get my hands on a legit ps2 and dreamcast copy ASAP and speedrun that shit


  • a cute anti social media that allows you only 1 post a day. its simple, small, and i love it. also you can customise how it looks too :3

the nintendo wii font

  • brief history on that one font(s) you see everywhere in japan and japanese game releases

cuttlefish psychology test

  • cuttlefish attempting to pass the "marshmallow test", which demonstrates that cephalopods exercise self control!